The work goes on…

I’m probably one of the most inconsistent bloggers out there. 2 years since I last posted? Life has been full as always, and I have been back in the studio for the last year (plus) slowly working away on a new series that has occupied my mind and any and all of my extra time. The last time I truly painted was back in art school and a little bit after. Painting and I broke up and I saw myself on a mostly sculptural path forever after… but things change, and when I found myself staring at old work and an empty studio once Noah moved out and Avolia didn’t get off the ground properly, I just couldn’t find inspiration in my previous work and had no heart to continue. I started from scratch with drawing in acrylic ink that I had had lying around the studio for probably years. It felt good to draw again, I began to have ideas again… and even better, began to tap into all the worries and anxieties I had been carrying around in my heart. This quickly moved into a trip to the art supply store for paint. Intellectually it felt like artistic suicide to paint again and even worse, the subject matter of my own children. But you know what, I’m almost 40, and I really don’t give a fuck about what I should or should not be doing artistically anymore… and I couldn’t get away from it… painting has become my journal in the last year and a half. The work is slow, it takes months of finding time, but it’s the most satisfying and “right” work I’ve ever done, honestly.


Work in progress pic of “The Talisman”.


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