Jayne Pena lives and works in Austin, Texas with her husband, David
and three children, Noah, 18yrs, Emmahl, 6yrs, & Nea, 3yrs. Originally from
Anchorage, AK, she grew up moving often before settling in Austin in
1997. Growing up she often stayed with her grandparents on 100+ acres
of woods in Southeastern Ohio where she spent countless hours in the
woods exploring, creating and pretending. Prior to moving to Austin,
she spent two and a half years hitch-hiking and traveling around to
state and national parks in the US and Mexico. These events became the
foundation of her love for nature that permeates her work today.
Jayne graduated from the University of Texas in 2008 with a BFA in
Studio Art. She has participated in solo and group shows nationally and around Texas,
showing work in a variety of mediums, including video, performance, sculpture and drawing. She has
assistant taught art classes at American Youth Works and worked as an
arts instructor at the Dougherty Arts Center.


Bachelor’s of Fine Arts
University of Texas, Austin, Texas
Studio Art 2006-2008 (Dec.)
Areas of Specialization: Video, Painting, Sculpture
Graduated with honors, 4.0

Austin Community College, Austin, Texas
Enrolled in honors program

• The Telephone Game, July 2007. Gallery Lombardi. Austin, Texas. (sculpture)

• Artists Respond to War, November 2007. Dougherty Arts Gallery. Austin, Texas. (video)

• The Big Time, April 2008. Austin, Texas. Okay Mountain Gallery. Austin, Texas. (performance, video)

• Ears, Eyes and Feet, May 2008. University of Texas. Austin, Texas. (video/dance/music collaboration)

• 410[GONE], October 2008. University of Texas. Austin, Texas. (video effects for theatre production)

• Soma Vida. Austin, Texas. May 2009. (solo) (metal sculpture, pen & ink drawings, miniature sculptural mixed-media series)

• #MailArt, a Postcard Art Exchange. International art exchange. July 09.
(mixed media & ink drawing)

• Keep Austin Bizarre Bazaar. Fiesta Gardens. Austin, Texas. December 2009 (pen & ink topography series, miniature sculptural mixed-media)

• Carousel Lounge. Austin, Texas. 03 July 10. (video and musical performance)

• Carousel Lounge. Austin, Texas. 04 Sept 10. (video and musical performance)

3000 Weeks Festival of Creative Influences. Austin, Texas. 24 January ’13 (“Pathways #1” ink and thread on paper)

Assistance League of Houston Celebrates Texas Art 2013. Houston, Texas. 17 January ’13 (“Impending” ink and thread on paper)

Providence Art Club All Media Juried Exhibition. Providence, Rhode Island. 17 March ’13. (“a cold wind is blowing” ink and thread on paper)

10x10xTeiton. Teiton, WA. 10 August ’13- 10 October ’13. (“a cold wind is blowing in”. ink & thread on paper)

CURRENT EXHIBITIONS: AVAA Summer Art Show. Austin, TX. 21 July ’17- 26 August ’17. (“the transformation”. acrylic on canvas)

Real People. Woodstock, IL. 3 August ’17- 24 September ’17. (“the talisman”. acrylic on canvas)



Nominated for the UT Undergraduate Excellence Award 2008-2009

Nominated for the Arthouse Texas Prize, 2011

Honorable Mention for “a cold wind is blowing”, Providence Art Club All Media Juried Exhibition. March’13.

Artistic Merit award for “the talisman”, Real People. August-September ’17.


• Private commission, Untitled Topography #5. (pen & ink topography series)


Summer Visual Arts Instructor
Dougherty Arts Center, Austin, Texas
Summer of 2008

Art Assistant to Margo Sawyer, MFA, Sculptor
January 2010- June 2011

Freelance Artist
January 2009-present

Founder and Owner of Avolia (Clothing design company)

Founder and owner of True Love Soap Company. 2017-



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