Well so much for all that productivity & writing I planned for the second half of my pregnancy! Biology trumps all, and while I was incredibly productive when it came to getting ready for babe #3, my studio practice slowly ground to a halt despite my best efforts. I literally got to a point where I simply could not concentrate on anything but the upcoming baby- it was like an obsession.

But she’s here now! Above are my two munchkins at 27mos and 2 days old. I would have a picture of my teen but he hates pictures right now.

In the middle of so much snuggliness and sweetness my kids are kicking my ass- My teen is being very much a teen, the two year old a two year old & the newborn is being herself as well. She’s 6weeks old now and I’ve just begun to ignore the mountain of unfinished things in my house and go up to my studio when the sitter arrives twice a week. I still have the baby with me, but being down to one relatively quiet child is a reprieve from the near-constant chaos. And what am I doing? Staring blankly at my unfinished pieces. I just don’t have the creative energy back yet to tackle them… my art is like another child that needs my constant nurturing.

So I’ve decided to take some space for a bit & use this time to go through all my neglected art books. Read & reflect. Generate new ideas to build on old ones… and draw again. Break out the sketchbook and draw draw draw. No pressure, no shows, just a quiet time to regroup. Now I’m really looking forward to the next couple of months!!

(just one small shelf of the many to catch up on!)

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