I want to start by saying it’s so embarrassing just how distracted I’ve been lately- this is my 3rd
attempt at posting! My first two times I didn’t get further than a title and some tags, then completely spaced I had set up the post to publish in a day or so. 3rd time’s a charm, so this time there is some content!

On that note, the first 6 months of the year has completely fit the phrase “the days are long, but the years are short”. In hindsight, the last few months have flown, but there were some very long days in the process. Many studio hours have been dropped to take care of my family through various illnesses this year. Mostly the normal virus stuff that descends late winter/early spring, but also my husband was quite ill with scary headaches for a month and out of work. We went through every bit of testing under the sun, stopping just shy of a lumbar puncture because he finally started showing signs of recovery.

And through all of this, I’m also pregnant with our third :). So in between all the family illness, you could
find me dragging myself around through a quicksand of exhaustion and nausea. Fun stuff. Fortunately, I’m now at 21weeks and feeling pretty good.
All family members appear to be healthy, and I’m back to work in the studio!

Things still have been moving forward, albeit at a snail’s pace. I finished my large piece I’ve been working on since last October, (portion of which is pictured at the top) along with another medium small piece (below). I still need to carve out some time with the nice camera and get them on the site.


While I told myself I would focus the rest of my time this year on smaller pieces, since once the next little gal arrives my production will slow way way down again, that’s not how the ideas have presented themselves. Instead I have begun two larger pieces that I will be lucky to have completed by the time she arrives. Oh well- it’s exciting to be starting something new again!



They are obviously still in the beginning stages, especially the last image, but they will get more interesting over time.

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