It’s always wild to me how time and life changes artistic focus and expression. I never thought I’d move away from abstraction- I was in love (and always will be). However, going through a business failure that I poured all of my soul and time into, my son moving out to finish his last two years of school at his Dad’s house (and all of the chaos that surrounded that transition), shifted my perspective when I went back to work in the studio. Add to that all of the political changes in the last year and my horror at what is happening with the environment. This series (2016-present) channels my feelings, worries, ideas about my children and what the world is and will be in their future.





Past statement (2011-2014)

Through many different mediums, my work has always contained the elements of quietness, repetition, contemplation & meditation.

My current method of working with thread on paper began with the birth of my
daughter in July of 2011. Longing for the ability to work creatively
while cradling a newborn, I went from the sewing basket of embroidered
onsies while heavily pregnant to making sketches in thread and ink on
tiny pieces of paper while the baby slept. Entirely spontaneous at the
outset, the work felt therapeutic, accessible, and inventive. Unable
to work with metal sculpture or toxic pigments while pregnant and
nursing, I finally found a way of working that combined my love of
sculpture with drawing.

The theme of this recent series is simply, “one foot in front of
the other”. Inspired by the beauty of repetition in nature- snake
scales, roots, cellular structures, weather and water combine to form
a story of their own, reinforced by each minute stroke of thread. An
exploration of repetition, line, texture and delicacy, this series
represents my metamorphosis as an artist back into the precarious
balancing act of nurturing a new life with nurturing my creative work
along with all of the tiny moments that make up a lifetime.