home office


This is very often how I get work done. Rabid recycler, composter, cloth diapering, breastfeeding mama that I am, I balance it all out by popping the little one in the car & driving to Startbucks (yes, I love & patronize local coffee shops. I would be forever grateful if one opened a drive thru within a reasonable distance from my house. I live in North/Central Austin. thanks!), & heading back home to sit in front of my house & work.

Today I finally had some brain cells return from a decent night’s sleep after a week of horrible sleep from a sick toddler. So I decided to tackle some medical claims that needed filing, more super confusing website stuff & the mail pile. After the lower kitchen cabinets, living room & my wallet had been disassembled by the toddler while listening to the same kids CD on repeat (this equals about 15mins), she was hanging off my legs crying while I was grumbling at the computer for not giving me an easy solution to how to set up FTP files. Clearly I had aimed too high for the day. I then commence “operation tire toddler out” & head for the car. And here we are. I’ll be happy to get through the mail.

below is my “office”: diaper bag packed with iPad, etc. craft basket with hopeful future Christmas presents. bag of mail to be sorted.


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