playing with some new ideas


When I set this page up recently, I was really committed to regular blogging. But between toddler tantrums & crazy teething molars, the end of the grading quarter for my teen & my hubby in & out of town, time has slipped by. Honestly, I just haven’t had the extra brain cells. Getting back into the studio yesterday was so refreshing. Exhausted, I moved ever so slowly forward on the big piece (above), making stitch after stitch. Very monotonous work, but great for restoring a “zen” space to my mind. Last week though, I needed a break & worked more on the little pieces :). Here is how they turned out:




The last image is still definitely a work in progress! The other two though are in the “viewing” section of my studio waiting to see if they are done or need more work. That’s always the hardest part.
Today was full of errands & doctors appointments. Though one errand was a fun trip to the local sewing shop to get the sewing machine up & running again. Really want to make some larger fabric & paper sculptures plus learn to make clothes for the little one. Studio time again tomorrow morning- can’t wait!

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