virtual studio tour

Crazy crazy tired this week thanks to a teething toddler (4 teeth coming in!) and some general insomnia. Not to mention I tend to grab “me time” by reading late at night which does not help (but is oh so enjoyable).

Thinking about signing up for the West Austin Studio Tour coming up this April and thought I’d post a virtual studio tour here today. Don’t mind the dramatic lighting, these were taken in the evening while trying to catch a few more minutes of work with my toddler.

My drafting table where I spend hours standing…


Lots of shelves- bottom ones are delegated to toddler toys 🙂


Anyone who knows my toddler (or the proverbial energetic toddler) knows why I need a sitter to actually focus on artwork… but I do try to keep a kid friendly space so she can join me sometimes. She loves to add her own art to the mix. here she is looking very inspired and covered in marker.


…And our faithful shepherd “guarding” the door (actually waiting for birds to land so she can chase them) :).


Hopefully my brain cells return next week along with some much needed sleep!

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