Happy surprises

We’ve been the sick house for the last week & a half- It started with the toddler coming down with a fever and while she’s happy & better now, I’m flopped in bed with a nasty cold. Haven’t worked on any art in over a week, so sad! I plan on dragging myself back in there tomorrow no matter what. (well, as long as the kids are healthy)

We had a long night in the ER with our toddler Thursday night & Friday found us all exhausted and my husband & I getting sick ourselves. BUT I had two bright & shiny spots arrive in my inbox on Friday!! small excepts of each message below 🙂

“Hello Jane,
Our administrative has informed me of your email stating you are unable to pick up “Impending”.
I apologize, but you should have been notified that it sold.”

Fortunately I emailed to say that I would not be able to make the drive to Houston on Saturday due to illness. That’s when I received both a phone message & the above email! I think it will seem real when the check arrives in the mail. For the moment I am just so so so glad I don’t need to pack up my toddler again & make the 6hr round trip to Houston. Huge sigh of relief.

The second email was:

“Congratulations Artist,

Your work had been selected for exhibition in the Providence Art Club All Media Juried Exhibition.
From almost 500 submissions, only 54 artists were chosen by exhibition juror Kristen Carbone.”

So excited to be included in another show! Made sure to drag my butt out of bed to drop off “a cold wind is blowing…” at the shop for framing. Have to get it to the gallery in Rhode Island by next week- quick turnaround!

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