starting the new year

I actually really love the first few weeks after Holidays are over. Things are quiet and generally undemanding, and I find that feeling of getting reorganized and “back to business” very satisfying.

However, since I was out of town for most of the holidays things were a little crazy this week & included a good “lesson learned” moment in the studio. I am happy to say that my piece, “Impending” is included in the Texas Art 2013 show opening in Houston next week! Which means I needed to get it to the gallery this week. Unfortunately, I didn’t get back into town until this past weekend and wasn’t able to pick it up from the framers until Tues. So of course it was extremely painful when the shipping costs were calculated, & UPS said because of the size that even with paying they couldn’t guarantee that it would get there by Friday. Another shipper could, but it would cost me $300 each way, yikes!! So let’s just say I am throwing the kids in the car early Saturday morning to drive 3hrs each way to hand deliver the piece. It could be worse, at least I can drive there. Here is my piece all wrapped up- more than able to make the drive unharmed 🙂


So, I learned a) to arrange to ship pieces the week before, and b) to get a shipping quote & adjust prices accordingly before the art show catalogue goes to print. Otherwise, 100% of the price gets eaten by framing, shipping and gallery commission costs. $0 for hours and hours spent creating.

Beyond that, I am still working away at my 32″ x 32″ piece. Did I say it would be finished by February? Haha! I really meant June. Here is another portion :):


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