Driving to Houston

Well, the drive to Houston to drop off my work actually went well! An that was quite surprising, given that I had a real shit week. I mean pretty much everything that could go wrong did… to the point that it almost became funny. almost. Also given that I took both my toddler and teen with me since my husband was still in India.

I was having some anxiety on the way down considering I applied for the show through a site and really didn’t know anything about it. It is hosted by the Assistance League of Houston, which appears to be a well-run philanthropic organization in Houston. However that tells me nothing of the show. I’m sure anyone who happens on this blog has been to some terrible art shows. I certainly have and was terribly afraid that this might be one. I was so happy to be wrong! It is an a lovely space and more importantly when I arrived much of the art had already been dropped off- all of it was good and some was great. I went from feeling anxious to feeling very honored to have been chosen for the show.

above is the Williams Tower, where the gallery is located.

Now if course I have moved on to other anxiety, like what if my piece falls & the glass on the frame breaks, or much more likely, what if they place my piece in a terrible location in the show. I’ll find out next week at the opening.

Spent some time tiring out the toddler so she’d sleep all the way home 🙂


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