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I like to spend my time making vs “businessy” stuff, as I’m sure all artists can agree. So of course it drives me nuts when I have to use my precious few studio hours a week on somewhat art-related things that have nothing to do with making art. But sometimes the only time my brain has a chance to focus is when the toddler is with the sitter, hence using up studio time. Last week it was taking the car in to have the back door latch replaced so I could drive my piece to Houston (it had gotten so bad that the door would randomly swing open while driving. not good.). Yesterday I spent first hour finalizing our stay in Houston & making sure all the animals were taken care of, etc. Oh yeah, and sending some wallet sized images of my work to the printer as last minute business cards. I laugh at how unprepared I am for these things sometimes- I never think about it until the last minute and invariably my husband is sitting across the table from me with an exasperated look on his face saying “so you’re going to do all this today. for tomorrow”. I respond with “I know, I’m learning a business lesson here, for next time :).” But I never do, and the same items are last minute again. I should add that my husband never procrastinates, is great at business & amazing at thinking ahead of all the details and scenarios. If I could afford him, I would hire him! As it is, he spends those talents keeping us fed and taken care of.
Back to the business cards though. When I dropped off my piece Saturday I met a lovely artist named Claire Cusack who promptly handed me her business card, asked if I had one and if I had a gallery that represented me. Ummmmm, no. and no. honestly I haven’t even thought about it, I’ve just been so happy to have a few hours to work every week. And make art because I love it and it keeps me sane. Not that I wouldn’t mind though, I just am not there, I guess. Obviously I’ve thought enough to make a website and a blog, plus apply for occasional shows, but I’m thinking these are the types of things that take one from the “emerging” status to “established”. Either way I suddenly felt terribly underqualified.
On the bright side, it was great practice for the opening tonight so that when the same scenario occurs I don’t mutter something unintelligible and awkward, as I have been known to do. My husband is also a great salesperson and cringes when he hears me talk of my work. Yes, opposites definitely attract. But I will have lovely wallet sized cards of my work with my website handwritten on the back. classy! (Actually, they don’t look bad at all!)

Fortunately that only took up the first hour of studio time yesterday and I spend the remaining 3 hours prepping three smaller pieces for work. The first 2 (1 is pictured in progress above) are part of a small new series called (working title here…) “screams and lace”. The third (below) is another version of “float”- the other of which is in the Recent Work section of my site. Now that part of my studio time was heavenly.


And now we are officially on our way to Houston. I’m loaded with books and movies on the iPad to hopefully keep miss toddler busy and my sanity intact :).

Oh, and my little is exactly 18months today! that’s got to mean good luck for tonight, right?

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