quick show recap

Overall I would say the show was a success! I was happy with the placement of my piece and the turnout was great. Didn’t talk to as many people as I would like- which is my fault- my shyness got the better of me in the crowd.

There is the toddler and me in front of my piece. Not my favorite picture, but the only one where the little was still for 2 seconds. She wanted to just run wild the whole time, so here is what my husband did over and over while I had a chance to look at the artwork and mingle a bit 🙂


I got lucky that since we didn’t get home until Friday afternoon, my sitter was able to move to Saturday. Meaning I still got studio time! Fresh from the trip and being re-inspired by looking at others’ work, I had plenty of new ideas to begin sketching and working through. “scream & lace” is being temporarily put aside- toddler ripped it while I was attempting to sew in the car, plus I’m not thrilled about how the small version is turning out. Sometimes the idea makes more sense in the intellect, not the heart- which for me translates to a work that does not move well from my head onto the paper. I believe it still contains a seed for an idea, just needs to marinate longer before becoming what it needs to be. This made room for some new ideas that felt more immediate and sincere to emerge. Working on those now and in the coming weeks.

new small piece in progress.

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