playing with some new ideas


When I set this page up recently, I was really committed to regular blogging. But between toddler tantrums & crazy teething molars, the end of the grading quarter for my teen & my hubby in & out of town, time has slipped by. Honestly, I just haven’t had the extra brain cells. Getting back into the studio yesterday was so refreshing. Exhausted, I moved ever so slowly forward on the big piece (above), making stitch after stitch. Very monotonous work, but great for restoring a “zen” space to my mind. Last week though, I needed a break & worked more on the little pieces :). Here is how they turned out:




The last image is still definitely a work in progress! The other two though are in the “viewing” section of my studio waiting to see if they are done or need more work. That’s always the hardest part.
Today was full of errands & doctors appointments. Though one errand was a fun trip to the local sewing shop to get the sewing machine up & running again. Really want to make some larger fabric & paper sculptures plus learn to make clothes for the little one. Studio time again tomorrow morning- can’t wait!


Sometimes I need to take a little break from the monotony of the larger pieces & have a little time to reflect & experiment. This is hard to make myself do because I have so little time to work as it is, I feel like I always need to be working towards a finished piece. But I have to remember that the time I take to “play” a bit is still creative, & still works towards the final goal. Also that in the end my larger pieces greatly benefit from it. Here are a couple of smaller pieces in the works. They might become finished pieces themselves, or they might end up in the scrap heap… either way they teach me to be more spontaneous & playful with ideas.




home office


This is very often how I get work done. Rabid recycler, composter, cloth diapering, breastfeeding mama that I am, I balance it all out by popping the little one in the car & driving to Startbucks (yes, I love & patronize local coffee shops. I would be forever grateful if one opened a drive thru within a reasonable distance from my house. I live in North/Central Austin. thanks!), & heading back home to sit in front of my house & work.

Today I finally had some brain cells return from a decent night’s sleep after a week of horrible sleep from a sick toddler. So I decided to tackle some medical claims that needed filing, more super confusing website stuff & the mail pile. After the lower kitchen cabinets, living room & my wallet had been disassembled by the toddler while listening to the same kids CD on repeat (this equals about 15mins), she was hanging off my legs crying while I was grumbling at the computer for not giving me an easy solution to how to set up FTP files. Clearly I had aimed too high for the day. I then commence “operation tire toddler out” & head for the car. And here we are. I’ll be happy to get through the mail.

below is my “office”: diaper bag packed with iPad, etc. craft basket with hopeful future Christmas presents. bag of mail to be sorted.


back to work


So now that my feeling of accomplishment at having FINALLY created a websites over, I have to say it feels really good to get back to work in the studio again. With the little time that I have to work without the munchkin, in order to get my work online I had to trade out my studio time to do it. So now back to the fun stuff. Working on two new larger pieces right now, one of them in the picture above. This is very much a work in progress, probably won’t be finished until winter 2013. inspired by topography & cellular structures, I’m currently in the process of blocking out the subtle color variations in thread. Each “section” takes about 8hrs to complete, hence the probable finish time, but we’ll see, as I’m working to take each new piece a bit further in complexity than the previous.